Best Cashback Credit Cards in India for 2018

With the advent of credit cards in India, our shopping habits have imminently changed. Rather than going out to make purchases, we prefer to stay in the comfort of our homes to compare deals across multiple websites before making a purchase. However, there are over 150 credit cards available in India, thus, it can be a daunting task to choose the card that provides the best value for you.

One of the ways that credit card companies attract customers in through cashback and reward schemes. Cashback allows you to get a percentage of amount spend on a certain category to be returned back to you. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of best cashback credit card that provides the best cash back value across different categories.

Best Cashback Credit Cards in India

Credit Card Best for Cashback on Fees and Charges APR (per annum)
Standard Chartered Manhattan Grocery Shopping Joining fee of Rs.499 & Annual fee of Rs.999 41.88%
Citi Cash Back Credit Card Movie Tickets and Bill Payment Annual fee Rs.500 42%
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Fuel & Telephone Bills Rs.750 annual fee &
One-time joining fee of Rs 499
HDFC Freedom Credit Card Dining and Supermarket Annual fee Rs.500 41.88%
Snapdeal HDFC Credit Card Online Shopping Rs.500 joining fee and Rs.500 annual fee 40.8%
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Best Cashback Credit Card for Grocery Shopping

Standard Chartered Manhattan

If you are a head of the family who does grocery shopping on the regular, this is the best card for you. Standard Chartered also provide a good cashback deal on Uber which is the best way to defray your Uber expenses.

  • Reward: 5% cash back on credit card expenditure on supermarkets & department stores
  • Benefits: 3x rewards on Dining, Hotels, Air Ticket reservation, and Fuel

Note: The cashback is capped at Rs.500 per month. To be eligible for cash back, the minimum transaction needs to be of Rs.1000

Best Cashback Credit Card for Movie Tickets and Bill Payment

Citi Cash Back Credit Card

With proper usage of this card, you can significantly cut back on your movie ticket purchases and utility bill payment. It also offers certain cashback on all other expenses.

  • Reward: 5% cash back on movies, utility and telephone payments, On all other spends, you get 0.5% cashback
  • Benefits: Up to 15% savings across participating restaurants, Exciting offers on leading brands across different categories

Note: The 5% cashback is capped at Rs.100 per month per category which means you can save Rs.300 every month.

Best Cashback Credit Card for Fuel & Telephone Bills

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium

If you incur high expenses on fuel, telephone, and other utility bills, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium is the best credit card option for you. It will help to get you maximum value on your expenses.

  • Reward: Get 5% cashback on fuel, phone and utility bills and 1 reward point on all other expenses
  • Benefits: 1 reward point for every Rs.150 spent on all categories except fuel, telecom, and utilities. The reward points you earn can be redeemed for various gifts and vouchers.
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Note: The 5% cashback for fuel, telecom, and utility payments is capped at Rs. 200, Rs. 200, and Rs.100 per month respectively.

Best Cashback Credit Card for Dining and Supermarket

HDFC Freedom Credit Card

This is the card for you if you want to save money on dining, supermarket expense, Taxi, recharges and more in India. It provides 5% cash back on various categories.

  • Reward:  5 % Cashback on Movies, Dining, Super Market, Bill Payment, Taxi, Easy EMI, Payzapp, Smart Buy, Recharges
  • Benefits: 1% fuel surcharge waived off on fuel transactions, zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made on your lost card

Note: The 5% cashback for Supermarket, dining, movies, bill payment and recharges is capped at Rs. 150 per month (combined), and for EasyEMI, PayZapp and SmartBUY transactions, it is capped at Rs. 150 per month.

Best Cashback Credit Card for Online Shopping in India

Snapdeal HDFC credit card

Snapdeal HDFC Credit Card

HDFC Bank has exclusively partnered with Snapdeal to introduce this Credit Card in India. This card comes with exclusive rewards, discounts and offers on the Snap Deal website along with other select partners.

  • Reward: Earn Rs. 500 cash back on a single spend of Rs. 2000 or more on Snapdeal,
  • Benefits: Earn 10X Reward Points when you shop at Snapdeal, Ticketnew & UrbanClap, & 2 Reward Points per Rs.150 spent on all purchases, Flat 5% Instant Discount when you shop at Snapdeal, Get renewal fee reversed if you spend Rs. 1,50,000 in a year prior to the renewal date
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