4 Best Credit Cards for fuel in India

Fuel prices have been slowly climbing after a few years of a decline in global pricing. The prices are also more expensive in India in comparison to other countries such as the USA, Japan, and China. Thus, if your daily commute is a car, it makes sense to get a card to cut down on your fuel expenses. The right card can help you get cash back for you.

Here are the best credit cards for fuel in India:

Credit Card Fees and Charges APR (annual)
Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Rs. 750 Annual Fee
One-time joining fee of Rs. 499
RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card Annual fee of Rs.750 42%
IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card Annual fee of Rs.1000 39%
HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card Annual fee of Rs.500 41.88%

1. Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card

If you incur high expenses on fuel, telephone, and other utility bills, Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium is the best credit card option for you. It will help to get you the maximum value on your expenses.

  • Reward: Get 5% cashback on fuel, phone and utility bills and 1 reward point on all other expenses
  • Benefits: 1 reward point for every Rs.150 spent on all categories except fuel, telecom, and utilities. The reward points you earn can be redeemed for various gifts and vouchers.

Note: The 5% cashback for fuel, telecom, and utility payments is capped at Rs. 200, Rs. 200, and Rs.100 per month respectively.

2. RBL Titanium Delight Credit Card

For every transaction of Rs. 500 to Rs. 4000 done on fuel, the cardholder gets complete fuel surcharge waiver. This means a maximum surcharge of Rs. 100 is waived off in every billing cycle.

  • Reward: Gain Reward Points for all your domestic and international purchases and redeem them for the products you love
  • Benefits: Get a welcome gift of 2000 Reward points on 1st swipe within 30 days and payment of joining fees by the first payment due date, Get 1000 additional points on spends of Rs. 10,000 within 60 days, Earn 1 reward point for every Rs. 100 spent on all your purchases like travel, groceries, dining and even your electricity bill

Note: It is only valid for fuel transactions between Rs.500 and Rs. 4000. Maximum waiver capped at Rs.100 per month

3. IndianOil Citi Platinum Credit Card

This fuel card offers more than 5% savings on fuel bills. The card features 4 turbo points for every Rs. 150 spent on fuel at IOC station. And the best part is that 1 Turbo point is equivalent to Rs.1 worth of fuel. Also, the card offers a complete waiver of 2.5% fuel surcharge.

  • Rewards: 4 Turbo Points for every Rs. 150 spent on fuel purchases, 2 Turbo Points on Rs. 150 spent at supermarkets and groceries, 1 Turbo Point for others
  • Benefits: Fuel surcharge waiver at any Indian Oil petrol pump, Discount of Rs. 3,000 on hotel bookings made through the MakeMyTrip web portal

Note: This card has the highest annual fee out of all other cards in this category. Also, the turbo points can only be converted at IndianOil Petrol Pumps.

4. HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card

If you are looking for a great cash back card, this is the one for you. It not only offers cash back on fuel but also on utility bill payment, recharge and more.

  • Benefits: 5% Cashback on Fuel along with cashback on Easy EMI, Payzapp and Smart Buy, Fuel Surcharge waiver, Zero Lost Card liability post reporting of the loss of card, Get renewal fee waived on spends of Rs. 20,000 in a year prior to the renewal date

Note: This card doesn’t offer any prospect of earning reward points. Also, the 5% cashback offer on fuel, bill payments, recharge, IRCTC bookings is also capped at Rs. 150 per month.

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