Best Travel Credit Cards in India

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you are envious of the jet setter lifestyle but worried about airline tickets and hotel expenses, fret not. Credit card companies provide travel cards exclusively for people who want to travel but not pay all the money up front. Travel credit cards have tie-ups with various airlines and provide exclusive benefits such as airport lounge access, discounts on hotels, easy foreign transactions and many more.

Travel credit cards can help you plan a vacation with the least hassle and maximum benefits. Here are the best Travel Cards in India:

Credit Card Fees and Charges APR
Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card Rs. 3000 Annual Fee 42%(Annually)
American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card Rs.3500 Annual Fee

Rs.5000 from 2nd year onwards

3.5% p.m to 3.75% p.m
JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card Rs. 2500 Annual Fee 42%(Annually)
Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card Joining fee Rs. 3500 and Annual fee Rs.3500 41.75%(Annually)

1. Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

If you spend more than 4 lakhs a year on travel, this card is the best option for you. Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card provides exclusive deals which allow you to earn miles on every transaction and later redeem them with any airlines such as Air India, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airline and more.

Rewards: 10 miles for every Rs. 100 spent on all airline transactions, 10 miles for every Rs. 100 spent with partner merchants, 4 miles for every Rs. 100 spent on all other transactions

Benefits: 10,000 Miles with your first spend of 1,000 or more within 60 days, Additional 3,000 Miles on Card renewal, earn 10 Miles per 100 spent on all airline transactions and much more

Verdict: This is the best credit card in this category because this card works for every airline and allows you to earn miles for the same.

2. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

As the name puts it, this card is exclusively a Travel Credit Card. With 8% reward rate, this is one of the best cards in this category, especially if you fly Indigo.

Rewards: 1 point every Rs. 50 on any purchase except for spend at Fuel, Insurance, Utilities and Cash Transactions, Rs. 6,000 worth Travel Vouchers on reaching Rs.1.9 lacs spend and Rs.10,000 worth Travel Voucher on reaching Rs.4 lacs spends

Benefits: You can enjoy up to 20% discount on restaurants, multiple cuisines & more, get 3% cashback for each transaction at the eligible HPCL, IOCL, SHELL, and BPCL which covers most of the petrol pump outlets. Also, you get Welcome Gift of 5,000 Milestone Bonus Membership Rewards Points redeemable for Travel Vouchers worth Rs.4000

Verdict: This is the card for you if you are looking for the highest reward rate.

3. JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card

If you are a Jet Airways flyer through and through, this travel card is for you as it provides you maximum JPMiles than any other card out there.

Rewards: Get 1 JP Tier Point on every 2 lac spends. The faster way to move to higher JP Tier, Get Renewal Fee waived if you spend Rs. 3 lac in 12 months prior to renewal, Get extended validity of JPMiles for 5 years

Benefits: Welcome Benefit of up to 7,500 Bonus JPMiles and one way Jet Airways ticket, Earn miles on your purchases and accelerated miles on flights booked on, Dedicated Check-in with additional baggage allowance, Complimentary International & Domestic Lounge access

Verdict: As a result of its exclusive deal with Jet Airways, this card provides unbeaten discounts and deals with Jet Airways.

4. Axis Bank Miles and More Credit Card

If you are a frequent flyer, then the Axis Bank Miles and More credit card can definitely prove to be of great worth as it is designed to meet the changing needs and requirements of frequently traveling customers.

Rewards: 10 Points on every Rs. 200 spend,  Get Rs. 5,000 worth Yatra Voucher for every Rs.2,50,000 Spend

Benefits: 2 complimentary Visits per quarter to Master card Airport Lounges, Travel Vouchers for every Rs.2.5L Milestone, Book flights with all the Star Alliance airline partners and the other Miles & More airline partners, Upgrade an already booked air ticket to a higher class of service with Condor and many Star Alliance partners, Spend miles on accommodation in premium hotels and more.

Verdict: If you’re a traveler, this is one of the must-haves credit cards in India as it is solely designed for a traveler in mind. However, the joining fee is pretty high.

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